Everything Is Illuminated: 7 Interesting Examples of LED Lighting

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Color Therapy LED Shower Fixture from Domolight

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Correctly using LED lights — quite frankly, an underutilized option in the lighting marketplace — can save energy, positively impacting your wallet without negatively affecting the environment the way higher-voltage alternatives do.  In fact, some LED lights are as much as 70 percent more efficient than their counterparts. Moving away from old-fashioned incandescent bulbs isn’t just friendly to the planet and the bank account; it’s also easy on the eyes.  Although popularly paired with bright colors, a plain white version can be used in place of fluorescent lighting in home offices, kitchens and other areas where low light just won’t cut it.  In addition to indoor use, it’s perfect for landscape lighting, too; illuminating a walkway, pool area or even the front facade of a home itself, LED lighting brings the drama and can be used year-round or for special occasions to illuminate guests’ paths and offer a theatrical element to any gathering.

LED color therapy shower
Color Therapy LED Shower Fixture from Domolight



custom exterior LED lighting
Custom Exterior LED Lighting by forTech Solutions Inc



LED garden lights
LED “Peachtree in Blossom” Garden Light by Changmei



LED pendant light
Catalyst 14-light Modern LED Lighting



LED landscape lighting
LED Landscape Lighting by Illuminations



amber LED pendant light
Ariana LED Pendant by LBL



hanging LED globe lamp
Zon LED Pendant Light by Bruck


Zon pendant light found at Wayfair.