Exotic Natural Baby Crib Kenneth Cobonpue

Natural Baby Crib Kenneth Cobonpue

Exotic Natural Baby Crib Kenneth Cobonpue 9

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Natural Baby Crib Kenneth Cobonpue

Exoticism, modernism, minimalism are always warm characteristics of the designs from Kenneth Cobonpue, who lives and works in his native Cebu.

His inspiration comes from nature and his roots in the Philippines and he incorporates a wide range of local natural, and synthetic materials to resist against weathering.

Combining traditional craft and innovative techniques and processes, these elements result in superb craftsmanship and shapes. This boat like cradle is made from cane stalks that are tied with nylon thread on a translucent light steel structure carved by hand.

The cradle is removable with help from handles on either side making it easy to remove it from its base for use as a bed.

Rose and white blanket cover included. 869,00 €

This price was in 2009. You could maybe get a dream Baby Crib of vintage style at a bargain price 10 years later….


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