Experience the Ergonomics of Humanscale Office Chairs


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I think any furniture company named Humanscale shows an intention to make things that compliment the ergonomics of a person’s experience. That is exactly what you should expect and will get from their Freedom line of office chairs and drafting chairs. Freedom by Human scale “promises to transform the way office seating is designed and utilized. Beyond traditional office seating, Freedom functions as a high performance work-tool, integrating technology, design and the science of human factors”.
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The Freedom chairs are designed to give maximum ergonomic benefit with a minimum number of manually adjusted controls. The Humanscale theory is” movement, which is essential for a healthy body, shouldn’t be constricted by locking mechanisms and manual controls. In other words, sitting comfortably isn’t something you should have to think about”. A passive recliner support has an intelligent mechanism that senses a person’s weight and automatically adjusts to provide optimal support in every position without levers, knobs, or locks. I especially like the modern look they offer, breaking tradition of the standard frumpy office chairs that do nothing for the style motivated consumer.

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