Eyes to the Sky: 10 Amazing Windows

Windows are, without a doubt, the eyes into the soul of a home.  Likewise, they provide the perspective through which a home’s inhabitants, in many ways, view the world.  Perhaps it’s overly poetic to think there’s a link between the breadth of the dreams, imaginings and desires of a homedweller and the size of the windows through which they gaze, but we imagine it’s pretty difficult to remain small-minded and guarded when faced on a daily basis with some of the views shown in today’s series.  Some are simply beautiful from an architectural standpoint, while others need only an unfettered pane of glass to deliver a breathtaking glimpse at the world below or beyond.  Without further ado, we present an array of ten amazing windows.  Enjoy the view.

10 Amazing Windows


classic seaside windows


duette windows


slanted windows


marquis windows


jewel windows


asymmetrical windows


pivot window


ponderosa windows


floor to ceiling windows


London townhome image found at Philip Wagner Architects.