exterior home colors
exterior home colors

How to Find the Perfect Exterior Colors for your Home

The exterior part of your home may seem as if it is insignificant, however that is not entirely true.  You can become so accustom to the exterior accents of their own house that they forget it is the first impression that is seen and made.  And, if your exteriors are experiencing the similar trait of becoming dull and a lack luster visual then don’t fret because a simple way to fix that is a fresh coat of paint.  That’s right just a touch up and you are good to go.

 How to Find the Perfect Exterior Colors for your Home

exterior colors for homes

Image via: Pimsler-Hoss Architects, Inc.


Take note of your home’s best attributes:

First things first, take a look around your home and take note of the characteristics that your home already has.  The location of the house, your family and lifestyle, and the neighborhood can all have influence over the color palette you want for that place.  Look for distinct architectural features on your home, like perhaps your home has a Georgian style or Latin design elements to it pull from those features and have them apply to your color scheme.

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Consider the scenic location of your home:

Or try the ever-popular approach, let nature be your guide.  Use the scenic views around you to help with your paints.  Nature will always and forever be a great inspiration to get ideas from.  From color schemes, to textures and varieties; nature will give you an endless supply of options for you to derive from.  For instance, houses that are located next to the beach tend to pick up lighter hues such as pale or dull yellows, tans, blues, corals etc.

Perfect Exterior Colors

Image via: Island Timber Frame


Take note from your past experiences:

Learn from the past.  How about personalizing your place a little bit more starting from the exteriors?  Think of any favorite vacation memories, maybe a trip to the Grand Canyon or a getaway to Hawaii, take the color schemes used from those areas and incorporate them on your crib’s exteriors.  Or if you like you can refer to the color schemes used in historical time periods such as the Art Deco period or Baroque period.

The exterior part of your residence is just as important as the rest.  It is the first thing people notice and the last thing they remember.  If it doesn’t appeal to you like it used to then you don’t have to go overboard with upgrades and remodeling, just a fresh splash of paint will suffice.  Now take a look above at how you can go about choosing the right paints and the perfect Exterior Colors.

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