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Glass Top Coffee Table from Karl Andersson

Finding Clarity: 4 Sleek Glass Coffee Tables

Depending on how many statement pieces you have in your living room, a coffee table can wind up causing a bit of overkill if it’s rather bold itself or even just too matchy-matchy.  Consider these four sleek glass coffee tables to provide a little clarity while getting the job done without a fuss.  Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, though; today’s roundup features minimalist glass pieces with a twist of artistic flair, either in the unusually-shaped wood or metal base, or in the presentation of the glass itself.  Each one adds a little sparkle to a living space, lends a conversation piece to a home’s decor, and — bonus — eliminates the need to worry about water rings and spills.


Finding Clarity: 4 Sleek Glass Coffee Tables

round glass coffee table

artistic glass coffee table

abstract glass coffee table


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