Danish Designer Finn Juhl’s TurningTray

In 1956, Finn Juhl, the Danish furniture designer, designed the TurningTray. Sophisticated and debonair, Finn Juhl was known for his elegant furniture designs that challenged, both technically and in form language, the design movement of the time.These simplistic, yet modern additions of classic Scandinavian wares are ideal for any contemporary home.
The TurningTray encompasses many of Finn Juhl’s characteristic features such as the curved teak frame as well as the corner joints the Finn Juhl trademarks. The TurningTrays are handmade in Denmark from teak and laminate, and are available in three sizes and several color combinations.
finn juhl turning tray
TurningTray 1 – 23 X 45 cm
TurningTray 2 – 30 x 48 cm
TurningTray 3 – 38 x 51 cm.
Black desert/Alaska white
Black desert/Kimono red
Black desert/Husky green
Black desert/Angel blue.
Available from Great Dane Furniture in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.