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The Diago Freestanding Grill by Focus Creations

Fire It Up: Three Out-of-This-World BBQ Grills

As winter begins to wear out its welcome, thoughts turn to the delights of spring, from BBQ and ice cold brews to late sunsets after long afternoons at the pool.  One element of today’s roundup of out-of-this-world BBQ grills is so futuristic, it hasn’t even been put into production yet; the sleek presentation of all three grills in the set is quite a sight to see.  While the minimalist approach of the Diago Freestanding Grill by Focus Creations brings to mind a stovepipe or chimney with its staunchly vertical physique, the Plancha by Christophe Calanca looks a little bit like a UFO may have landed in the backyard, bringing with it enough burgers and steaks to feed the whole crew on board.  To round out the series, Ali Messom Creative offers a shadowy, sinewy design concept that may someday grace the poolside decks of aesthetically-discerning grillmasters everywhere.  Since most of us will have to wait for the temperatures to rise before we can fire up anything of the sort, for the next few months we’ll just let visions of Porterhouses dance in our heads.

Fire It Up: Three Out-of-This-World BBQ Grills



plancha grill



futuristic bbq grill



The Plancha Grill found at Ambiance Piscine.

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