Fireplaces Collection by JC Bordelet: Modern Warmth

JC Bordelet, a distinguished name in the field of fireplace designers and manufacturers, has been designing and fabricating premier fire places for the past 35 years. The prolific lineage of unconventionality and suaveness, blended with cutting edge execution has culminated in this exquisite fireplaces collection.


exquisite Fireplaces Collection

corner triangular fireplace ideas


All of the models of the JC Bordelet fireplaces collection, is discerningly designed to perfectly merge with the existing or impending construction, to co-ordinate the connection between the flue and appliance, making installation an uncomplicated and an efficient process. The canopies are furnished by hand, from single steel sheets to avoid seams or joins for a flawless, unblemished finish. The glass doors proffer high efficiency, making the chimney comply to the smoke control safety standards necessary. JC Bordelet offers a vast variety in terms of available configurations: central firesides with base, floating central fireplaces, wall-mounted firesides and corner stoves, to name a few in the vast line-up.


central green fireplace design

mural unusual fire place


JC Bordelet fireplaces collection reflect the personality of the owner apart from adding charisma to the spaces they adorn. Easy to use and packed with premium features, these firesides are fully operational, avant-garde creations that integrate color and perfect mastery over metal.

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