Fjords Leather Recliners Feel as Good as they Look

ne thing is for certain in the furniture business, Norwegians take great pride in their products. The Fjords collection from Hjellegjerde of Norway is truly a top of the line collection specializing in leather recliners and multifunction sofa groupings with a focus on form and ergonomics. Their concept has recently grown to include 5 base options for the recliner and ottoman sets, and sofa, loveseat, chair combinations carefully matched where comfort and functionality are of great importance for the sitting experience. Sofas and chairs have height adjustable neck supports on high back models with the built-in Fjords Active Release System that allows several head positions and ultimate neck support. I highly recommend the Fjords line for home theaters or modern interiors where comfort is highly important.

fjords hjellegjerde furniture leather recliner and ottoman.jpg