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Parquet Pedestal + Table + Stool by Jason Lees

Four Artfully Handcrafted Wood Pedestals

The way you choose to display your favorite objects around your home can have as much visual impact as the objects themselves; since perception is everything, guests may not realize how important your vintage fill-in-the-blank is if you’ve got it shoved into the corner of a bookshelf, obstructed from view.  Today’s roundup of artfully handcrafted wood pedestals brings together a quartet of craftsmanship, from small, singular zebrawood stands to a parquet pedestal so strong and sturdy, it can double as a stool.  Let your objects d’art shine by letting them stand front and center on a firm and artful foundation, taking the whole “you’re putting it on a pedestal” thing to a whole new (literal) level.

Four Artfully Handcrafted Wood Pedestals



hourglass shaped wood pedestal



striped wood pedestals



zebrawood pedestals


Trio pedestals found at Artful Home.

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