Four Simple & Sleek Magazine Rack Designs

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The Clip Magazine Rack from Chiasso

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Back in the days before smartphones, tablets, laptops and even refrigerators that tell us the day’s headlines and weather report, printed magazines and newspapers were king.  For those of us who still pick them up from the newsstand every once in a while or just can’t let go of that age-old subscription, today’s roundup of simple and sleek magazine rack designs is just for us. Here’s to the paper geeks who appreciate the feel of great cardstock in our hands while we pore through the pages of our favorite publication, absorbing information one delicious morsel at a time instead of the barrage of constant tweets, updates and notifications to which we’ve grown so accustomed.  In fact, the lines of these small, chic media trays are kind of a metaphor for the now-elegant simplicity of the (some say) dying medium itself.

modern magazine racks
The Clip Magazine Rack from Chiasso



modern magazine display racks
Hanging Magazine Rack from Isaac Chen



modern magazine rack
The Human Magazine Rack from Wrapables



modern magazine holder
The Mela Magazine Holder from Anna Buechin


The Clip Magazine Rack found at Chiasso.