Frank Willems Madam Rubens Collection

Frank Willems’ Madam Rubens Collection looks something straight out of a Tim Burton movie, but don’t be fooled with the caricature design elements as there is actually a method to the madness. Willems repurposes old mattresses something which he should be commended for as we all know discarding mattress can be a journey from hell. After bending, twisting and folding the mattress to create quirky shapes, Willems then sprays them with a hygienic, water-resistant foam coating and then paints it!
“Madam Rubens is a plump but sophisticated lady after an extreme makeover. She started her life as a mattress, but was thrown away after years of loyal service… After a full coating in a color at choice, Madam Rubens is back in business as a fresh, hygienic and exceptionally stylish stool.”

Frank Willems' Madam Rubens
Frank Willems' Madam Rubens
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