10 Charming French Living Room Furniture Ideas with Pics

Spark a true revival in your home by planting a bit of a European seed in and around every room. Today we’re focusing on Parisian vibes. Romance, delicacy, sophisticated and a bit of girlish charm and Victorian spirits come together to create some beautiful ideas inspired by France. Your family room or formal living area can easily be centered around this world theme while still providing a very chic, stylish and welcoming ethos to your home. Our editors have put together 10 charming French Living room furniture ideas and pictures to display possibilities for incorporating this wonderful style into your home’s overall decorating theme.

classic french decor

Not only does this scene have a gorgeous and relaxed muted gray color scheme but the windows give it a natural lighting that opens up the room with a beautiful freshness. This light highlights the bones and lives of he slightly curved backs of the love seats and delicate legs of the accent chairs, all representing a very feminine flair.

contemporary french interior design

The entire vibe of this idea is marked in  a very Victorian style. The golden tones and chandeliers set the scene and create a very romantic foundation. Then the furniture brings the theme and vision full circle. Scallops and flowing curves on the sofas, accent chairs and even the side table all represent the very fluid marks of Parisian fashion.

decorating with sage green

This light, olive green tone gives a very unique mark to this formal room design. The tufted accents are a quintessential styling of French interior design as are the shapely legs and their delicacy. French furniture will never have chunk or bulk, instead all of the action and focus would be on creating a very feminine and flowing look.

european interior designs

This is a bit more modern take but you can still see the European nuances in the legs of the media center and slight tufted accents on the sofa, ottoman and accent chair. Of course the chandelier and lamps also bring a bout of Parisian essence to the foundation of the room, pushing forward the overall goal.

french interior designs

We are loving this quaint cottage living room. It’s a bit more compact than the more spacious rooms we see above but it’s absolutely stuffed with style. From the patterned, intricately detailed accent chairs, the tufted ottoman and dainty, girlish small sofa, the focused accents here are full of warm charm. The rest of the room has the same vibe too including the billowing curtains, lamps and even the artwork on the wall speak of European style.

french living room designs

A smaller scene similar to the cottage feel above, we love this muted, neutral setting and the lighting that brightens and highlights its romantic charm. A glass of wine and a great baguette is all you need to enjoy the glow of this living room. This furniture has a bit more of a modern spin and garden flair but you can still see the delicate nuances throughout their bones.

french living room images

Here’s a more youthful, eclectic take on France inspiration. This coffee table has Pairisian details from its scalloped side shaping and even the handles on the front drawer. The rolled armrests on the sofa also speak of this European fashion as does the plum accent color, enhances a more sophisticated and sexy version.

french style interiors

A more traditional setting with a home oriented theme, this example proves that you can use French inspired furniture everywhere, even when you want a more family-friendly look. Again, the lightly tufted seats and a couple delicate accent chairs to the side give this space a pump of beautiful styling. Also, the printed drapery helps to enhance and infuse a light focus as well without overwhelming a more casual area.

great looking living room designs

This formal living room is full of charm and feminine beauty. The blush sofa, the pale yellows and the gold and cream foundation is where it all begins, but remember, we’re focusing on the furniture. Again, these accent chairs, with the dainty legs and printed bodies are definintely inspired by Parisian fashion, as is the coffee table with the fluidly-shaped legs.

modern french decor pictures

Here’s a sexier, more sophisticated version of a living room filled with furniture of the same genre. Take a really good look at the detailing on each piece of furniture. You’ll find intricate accents from top to bottom built with a delicacy and girlish charm that’s quintessentially associated with French history.

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Our editors put together 10 charming French Living room furniture ideas with pictures to display possibilities for incorporating this style into your home