Friends of the Grape: 10 Wine Storage Ideas

Friends of the Grape: 10 Wine Storage Ideas 9
Puzzle Wine Rack from The Art of Beverage

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Generally speaking, you can tell how much a person loves wine by the amount of it they keep in their home.  When a house is outfitted with a cellar of its own, for example, you’ve likely got a connoisseur — or at least a serious enthusiast — on your hands.  And while not everyone is of the means to simply have a wine cellar created out of thin air in one’s own house, a few inventive workarounds exist that enable friends of the grape to display their favorite vintages while storing them at proper angles in plain view of guests, ready for enjoyment at a moment’s notice.  From the precision of a great wine refrigerator to the old-school charm of a simple modular rack (with a cool coffee table thrown in just for kicks), there’s something for every budget — and every level of aspiring sommelier, for that matter — in today’s roundup of ten wine storage ideas.  Let’s raise a toast to variety — it is, after all, the spice of life.

wine storage ideas
Puzzle Wine Rack from The Art of Beverage


 custom wood wine cellars
Custom Storage by Vintage Cellars


coffee table with wine storage
Wine-Storing Coffee Table by Wine Rack Store


cube wine storage racks
Fir Cube Wine Storage from Amazing Universe


wall hanging wine storage solution
Henrybuilt Wine Storage System


wall unit with wine storage
Terra Cotta Wine Pods by Superior Clay Corporation


Gaggenau wine refrigerator
The RW 496 Wine Refrigerator by Gaggenau


small vino fridge
The Slim 12 Wine Cooler by Koolatron


retro modern wine storage cabinet
The Wine Haus by SP Division via Etsy


cheap modular wine racks
40-Bottle Storage Rack from JK Adams



Wine-storing coffee table found at Wine Rack Store.