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Marble Inlay Flooring by Budri

From the Ground Up: 10 Beautiful New Flooring Options

New Flooring Options

New Flooring Options for you too look at. Once upon a time, floors nice and basic and most of them were wood.  Then, at some point in the late 1900s, a rather horrible invention called vinyl flooring came into play, as did subpar carpeting.

These days, though, the options are seemingly endless: hardwoods, softwoods, laminate, cork, tile, stone, marble, Berber, modern parquet… the list goes on and on.

Today there are no shortage of options out there and the sky is the limit with color, design and price so it can get a little confusing especially when you consider the permanent aspects.

So today, we’ve rounded up some of the best of what’s out there – everything from simple slate tile to wildly imaginative inlays in wood and marble.  Enjoy this vast and adventurous journey through ten beautiful new flooring options. The ground floor is, after all, the best place to start any ascension, isn’t it?


10 Beautiful New Flooring Options


crocodile floor


New Flooring Options

New Flooring Options


New Flooring Options


penny tiles - New Flooring Options

living floor - New Flooring Options


floor mosaic - New Flooring Options

grey tile floor - New Flooring Options


cork flooring - New Flooring Options


Several entries in today’s series found at Modern Flooring Concepts.

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