industrial coffee table
Mary Rose Industrial Cart Table from Little Tree Furniture

From Trash to Treasure: 10 Upcycled Coffee Tables

We live in a world that’s more concerned than ever with what it disposes of versus what it uses to the hilt.  The upcycling movement has brought out all sorts of creative genius among craftsmen and woodworkers the world over as well as regular everyday joes with a penchant for DIY projects and conservation.  Today, we’ve rounded up an impressive series of ten upcycled coffee tables, some of which started out as spare scraps of wood, shipping pallets or house shutters, while others enjoyed former lives in the form of sewing machine stands or rock & roll drums.  There’s a little bit of everything in this haywire collection, and that’s part of what makes it so great.  If one man’s trash is another’s treasure, it seems perspective really is everything.

10 Upcycled Coffee Tables


unique upcycled coffee table


rock and roll coffee table


chalkboard coffee table


pallet table


recycled wood coffee table


vintage coffee table


window shutter table


teal coffee table


traveler coffee table




Industrial cart table (top image) found at Little Tree Furniture (UK).

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