Fun Meets Fashion: Melt Sofa Sectional for Bonaldo

Interior design has the ability to capture ideas and moods and transform them into solid, tangible objects that bring emotion into our day-to-day routine.  With such power and potential, designer Mario Lipparini set out to harness the playful, cheery feelings of fun and excitement.  His goal gave shape to the Melt Sofa Sectional for Bonaldo, a sectional so flexible and varied it begs to be played with, moved around, and personalized for even more hip attitude to brighten your days.  The bold, chunky dimensions are so unapologetically inviting you won’t be able to resist a smile and your guests won’t be able to stay away.  This sectional has the power to melt your heart and make you laugh.


Fun Meets Fashion: Melt Sofa Sectional for Bonaldo


Each modular piece has generous proportions and geometric angles that add personality to the average box-like sectional sofa.  The Melt is available with leather or fabric upholstery cover options to play with until the look is just right.  Feet are anthracite grey painted wood.  Options like a chaise lounge, deep corner units, and liberal poufs are perfect for mix-and-match assembly and a casual, laid-back feel.


sofa with unique frame


Its undeniable sense of solid presence and wood-frame construction make the Melt the perfect seating choice for all of your entertaining.  When you’re ready to relax, the toughest question you face is which spot to take for yourself.  Don’t miss this dynamic, tailored silhouette that packs a serious aesthetic punch no matter how you customize it.


Why not add some fun and excitement to your boring day with the Melt sofa?