Furniture Classics live on in “Cassina Maestri I” Collection

If the names of great furniture classics designers like Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charlotte Perriand are of interest, then the “Masteri I” collection by Cassina of Italy is a great place to look for authentic licensed reproductions. Also included are selected works by Gerrit T. Rietveld like the Utrecht sofa and arm chair, a 1935 release which has risen to furniture icon status. Cassina acquired the license for Rietveld’s designs in 1971 and has experienced phenomenal success with connoisseurs who know and respect furniture from the original modern movement. Some other releases included in the Cassina I Maestri collection are Rietveld’s Zig-Zag accent chair, the Red and Blue lounge chair, and the Schroeder 1 table, all produced with exact standards of the originals. The Utrecht series shown here looks as good today as it did 70 years ago, and is right at home in a classical modern interior.

classic modern furniture utrecht sofa cassina