Tommy Bahama Home

So you win the lottery, what do you do? Many of us would buy a beach home in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or another beautiful body of water. Of course shopping for such a home would be hard work. It would likely take months to narrow down the specific island on which to purchase a home. Once you have made that final decision, it would come time to decorate the new beach house.
There would not be much time for decorating between all the traveling and other pressing things that would need to be done in managing your new found fortune. That is where Tommy Bahama Home comes in. Why spend a lot of time shopping for furniture? You may as well spend top dollar and decorate it with furniture from Tommy Bahama Home.
Two pieces I like from the collection are the Lanai chair and ottoman and the Dutch East Indies sofa. If you want to lay out in the sun or sit on the veranda, that is where the Lanai chair and ottoman come in. Let’s face it. It just looks comfortable. After the hard day on the beach you can recline on the Dutch East Indies sofa and wind down. Sounds like a hard life.

Lanai chair ottoman tommy bahama home

Tommy Bahama home West Indies Sofa