Furniture Legends Stack Up as Patio Furniture

When you think of Eames, Barcellona, and Corbusier it may bring thoughts of very high end and expensive  patio furniture. The legends have been reintroduced with a new concept that has a very unique twist on a very classic design.

“Three idols of design history, the Barcelona Chair, the Eames’ Lounge Chair and Corbusiers LC2, were realized as a low-price, stacking plastic chair, including all requirements like material, production and stack-ability as an important determinant. The conceptual core was to transform the original idol’s messages: the plastic chairs lose the message of financial power and wealth. They keep their design message and their grace and they gain a message of moral integrity by liberalizing their archetypes from their stiff aura, like an ironic twist – and they fulfill an important intention of the Bauhaus: to make their designs available for all people.” The stacking and plastic nature make these mid-century classics perfect for use as patio and outdoor furniture.


stacking barcelona chair




stacking plastic eames Patio Furniture