Barbeque Grills: Getting Ready for Summer Fun

Summer is in the air and the “Great Outdoors” beckons. It will be only a matter of time before we kick back and contemplate life the American way i.e. with beers and BBQ! So in case you want to chuck the rusty old grill out and on lookout for a new lean, mean bbq machine, then check out our compilation of the coolest Barbeque Grills.
We start the party with the killer combo of beers and bbq. Check out the Beer Barrel BBQ Grill, which resembles a beer keg. It measures 10(H) x 440(W) x 420(D) mm and includes removable grills and a heating rack.

beer keg bbq grill

If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor activities then BBQnique by Steve Zagar is perfect as it also moonlights as a dining/coffee table and boasts of a very modern look.

BBQnique by Steve Zagar

Designed by Michael Weaker the Egrill, will make a perfect tool this Easter. The 3-inch thick ThermoCera is able to contain heat and the aluminum cast legs provide for great support.


Since we firmly believe in going “Green“, how could we not mention the Helios Solar Grill? A perfect blend of style and functionality, the grill has a reflective parabolic dish, which soaks up the sun and transfers the energy to a receptor that heats the coil and grills yummy food.

Helios solar grill

With the Lumos outdoor fireplace / BBQ grill, you don’t have to wait for summer to have some lip-smacking steaks. When you tilt down the chimney of the fireplace, you get a bonafied BBQ grill.

The Lumos outdoor fireplace BBQ grill

Pierro Lissoni’s Modular BBQ Grill is the epitome of modern style. Designed in conjunction with Fochista, this grill includes an integrated thermometer oven cover and a chopping board.

Pierro Lissoni's bbq

The Pollino Boat Grill will be a hit with those who love sea, sand and steaks! It is “highly resistant to weather wear” and can also be attached to a rail of a boat!

Pollino Boat Barbeque

The Sunbeam Innovo Thermo Twin Gas Barbeque has imposing three-tier cooking system and can meat all your carnivorous desires! It includes burners, metal flame tamers and some heavy-duty metal.

sunbeam's Innovo Thermo Twin gas barbeque

The No Screw No Glue Barbeque is a concept by Joost van Bleiswijk who doesn’t want to waste time in construction and rather concentrate on cooking.
Those who favor adrenaline pumping bbq’s will really dig the NASCAR-themed BBQ grill whose claim to flame mmm I mean fame is its full size stainless steel Cal Flame 4 burner propane BBQ grill with lights, a slide out storage compartment, entertainment system and six speakers!

NASCAR-themed BBQ grill

The Outdoor Table/BBQ Grill is the brainchild of Maandag Muebles
and we absolutely love the almost Zen like design approach.

maandang bbq

Those who take their bbqing a tad too seriously will love the Gun Barbecue Grill. This custom made BBQ grill is smoking hot, don’t you think?

Gun Barbecue Grill

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers is a good alternative for all those Transformer fans, who may not get a chance to enjoy BBQ with Megan Fox!

Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers

The Gridus Spreadsheet Grill Excels (pardon the pun) at cooking and a solution to the ongoing battle between vegetarians and non-vegetarians! This concept grill has its rows and columns carefully numbered and lettered.

The  Gridus Spreadsheet Grill

A family that dines and BBQ together always stay together. Inspired by the Japanese sit-down BBQ’s concept, the Electrolux BBQ is a great way to bond over grilled goodies.

Electrolux BBQ grills

The Memphis Two Burner Barbecue is a great blast from the past. This Retro styled BBQ features a stainless steel cooking grill, a warming rack and two side shelves.

Memphis Two Burner Barbecue

The art of barbequing, is only enjoyed when there is great weather, loads of beer and the company of loved ones. So this summer don your chef hat and cook up some delicious succulent morsels of goodness!

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