Gift Ideas – Bugatti Vera Kettle

Forget chicken soup for the soul,nothing like a hot cup of tea to forget all the curveballs life throws at you. The Bugatti Vera Kettle ensures that one gets to brew their tea in style as this stunning kettle is nothing short of a design marvel and will be appreciated by the chic fashionistas and the style mavens. The elegant cone-shaped design is no coincidence and one also comes across a bright electronic display that is built into the handle itself (nice!). Featuring light touch buttons, the hi-tech kettle has a self-timer to program coffee and tea breaks, features a 360° connection base which permits easy use from any position and is energy efficient as well since. The Bugatti Vera Kettle can be bought from Wheredidyoubuythat.

Bugatti Vera Kettle
Bugatti Vera Kettle 2
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