Gloster teak patio nesting tables

Teak is obviously the best choice in wood for patio furniture. I am a big fan of it for its durability, look, and feel. I found a great set of nesting tables from Gloster. Gloster’s products are always very high quality, built to last for many years.
Nesting tables help conserve space when you have a smaller patio or even a balcony in an apartment or loft. If it is just you without company, you don’t have to bring out all tables. Besides on your day off when you are sun bathing on your patio, you don’t want to have to reach down to the floor for your beverage. Having a beverage on the floor may be a tripping hazard as well. Why not have a nice side table so that you don’t over extend yourself as you escape the day to day rigor of unfulfilling employment.
Back to the product. These nesting tables feature a classic look with trim legs and small square tops. The tops come with ridges offering stylish appeal as well as proper traction so that your beverage does not slide off the table. Available at Frontgate for $683.

Gloster teak patio nesting tables.jpg