Go Minimalist with the Welded Table by Bonaldo

If you’re looking for a table that defines your decorating style, the Welded table by Bonaldo makes an excellent choice. This design flaunts different functionalities and personalities thanks to its legs which can be attached in different positions. They can be placed close together near the centre to form a dining table or they can be spread apart close to the sides to create a work desk where you can glide from side to side on an armchair. The piece is the brainchild of Alain Gilles and is perfect for commercial and residential environments. His idea sprung from a desire to use few materials and to simplify all the processing phrases.


Go Minimalist with the Welded Table by Bonaldo

modern table design


The Welded table by Bonaldo has an ultramodern metal base and a wealth of options for the dining surgace. Its rectangular-shaped top is available in black or extra white acid treated glass, marble, matt white lacquer, solid American walnut, or Canaletto walnut.  Its legs are made from laser-cut metal sheets that have been welded together. The tridimensional shape of the legs gives the design a smooth, classy look while providing structural strength. The legs come in lovely colors such as green, orange, brown, anthracite grey, luminous red, and matt white.


Welded table

table with colorful red legs



This piece is a great option for a variety of home settings as it showcases minimalism with a strong personality. When you want a table that offers practicality, essential appeal, clean-cut lines, and simple design, get the Welded. Its legs look refined and reassuring and when viewed from the sides look simple and striking.


Which color is your favorite option in the Welded table?