Going Green This Summer: 10 Pieces of Bamboo Patio Furniture

Bamboo has become quite the darling of the sustainability movement over the past few years, and rightfully so; it doesn’t take long to grow, nor does it take long to replace, and that makes it a readily renewable resource in far less danger of depletion than some of its counterparts.  Although a few less-than-honest manufacturers have jumped on the bamboo bandwagon, either misrepresenting the material or employing practices that are less than ideal in the name of remaining environmentally conscious, more conscientious furniture makers are doing the right thing and taking care of the earth around them.  Of course, it never hurts to do a little research on any company from which you’re making a purchase, and with summer fast approaching, today’s roundup offers a host of inspiration points for bamboo patio furniture to get you started.  So, happy hunting!

bamboo patio furniture

Tine K Garden Chair from Idyll Home



bamboo chair

Bamboo Director Chairs from CC Goods



bamboo bar

Bamboo Bar from Sun Coast Tiki Huts



bamboo lounger

Bamboo Recliner from Outdoor Furniture Gallery



bamboo barstool

Bamboo Stool via Wildflower Organics



bamboo tiki bar

Bamboo Tiki Bar from Backyard City



bamboo patio set

Madaga Wicker Patio Conversation Set via Target



bamboo fence

Oregon Fir and Bamboo Fence from Portland Bamboo Company



painted bamboo patio set

Painted Bamboo Patio Set



woven bamboo patio set

Woven Bamboo Patio Set via Interior Trends



Fence found at Portland Bamboo Company.