Hall Table Ideas – 10 Great Entryway Designs and Pictures


Slim, slender and chic hall tables can add an unexpected, stylish surprise to an area that usually gets left out of the decor and overall theme of the home. Sometimes we add wall art to our hallways but that’s about as far as most get in terms of accenting and accessorizing our routes throughout the house. We’ve compiled a quick list of 10 pictures of hall table ideas and the great entryway designs they create in the home.  This inspiration is sure to get your wheels turning about the possibilities for one of the lesser focused spaces in the home. Let’s have a look!

art deco console table

Take your decor seriously, even in the foyer, by adding a table that skims the wall and leaves an artistic, architectural balance to the space. It’s contemporary and infuses a crisp space with a bit of masculine energy. Top it off with some modern decorative pieces or some fresh flowers.

black glass console tables

Here’s an ultra modern, shining option for those that want a super slick style throughout the house. And to keep that vision flowing throughout its entirety, don’t forget the hallways! This addition is simple enough not to cause a fuss but contemporary enough to keep within the confines of a posh ethos.

decorative hall tables

This is a modern table but it’s quite delicate with a very feminine feel with its soft lines and curving corners. We love the charcoal and white contrast on the piece as it pops off the hazey grey wall. Without it the space would be barren and boring but with it you’ve got a completed look for the home.

gold metal accent tables

A personal favorite of this entire batch, this golden entryway design has so many wonderful assets. The tone is neutral but gorgeous and full of life, it’s artistic and adds texture to the wall it lays on and its size makes it possible to place into any hallway you decide it should be in!

modern wood console table

Glass tops may not be ideal for a family-home as little ones running into its corners are never a fun or safe outcome, but this piece is perfect for an apartment full of chic and modern savvy adults. This piece mixes tradition with contemporary presented in a masculine form and we’re loving it!

stainless steel metal tables

Easy and versatile, here’s another slick piece that can be placed in nearly any home with sophisticated and blend-ability. The tone mixes well with others and the style isn’t fussy or too overbearing to change the vision of your hallway let along your entire home.

stylish hall tables

There’s something about this idea that screams fashion forward innovation. The cream and wooden duo makes it a very homey selection but the crisp lines and funky shaping also gives it a fun, hipster vibe making it a perfect choice for a home filled with modern, eclectic energy.

ultra modern hall tables

An extra interesting and unique piece, this entryway table will have your guests talking. Because of its outside-the-box look we feel this would do well in a foyer hall where those coming and going can all enjoy its style and fresh presence. There’s a bit of an Asian-inspired vibe that we’re getting from this design, do you see it too?

wood and metal tables

Here’s a great option for those that are inspired by modern vibes but still want a very homey, traditional felt house. This combines classic wood with a contemporary, metal top for a funky mixed material style and fresh look. It won’t create a fuss or focal point but it is definitely a versatile option!

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We've compiled a quick list of 10 pictures of hall table ideas and the great entryway designs they create in the home.