Hammocks : Patio Furniture Made for Relaxation

It’s patio furniture time again, and this year hammocks are more stylish than ever. The Arc Wood Hammock Stand shown here with the El Natural hammock bed looks really inviting on a sunny summer day. Constructed of Shorea and Acacia Hardwoods Stand 73″W x 51″H x 185″D $699 Bed $155 from inmod.com

hammocks patio lounge furniture

hammock patio furniture

The Laio Arc Metal Hammock features a metal frame with wheels that makes it easy to reposition to find that right place in the sun or shade. Match the Laio with complimentary Breeze bed for a stylish modern look, or the El Natural bed for a contrasting appeal. $725.00 Stand: 59″W x 51″H x 170″D Hammock Bed add $155 from inmod.com

hammocks laio metal arc

hammocks and patio furniture

The ZigZag Hammock offers a casual lighter look with great stability thanks to its curvy metal frame which can also be combined with a synthetic or natural fiber bed to create the fight look or feel. Hope the summer is a relaxing one and you get some time to make use of your patio furniture as much as possible. $649.00 Stand: 59″W x 51″H x 170″D Bed Additional $155 from inmod.com

hammocks patio lounge chairs and furniture

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