Hand Crafted Roll Top Desk in Mahogany by Reed Hansuld

I received a great tip about a find on Etsy concerning this roll top desk. This piece is made by hand by craftsman, Reed Hansuld. The details of this piece are truly amazing and I wonder how it could be crafted since that is not one of my own personal strengths. The roll top desk has many features to include: Macassar ebony handles, quilted English sycamore tamber legs and desktop, Mahogany desk body and drawers, chocolate leather work areas, and dovetail drawers. I like the small size of this design as it is easy to get an oversized desk which dominates a room. This piece has a touch of “modern” in it making it not look antique like many models you see furniture stores, but also creating a striking image as a room accent. The model you see can be commissioned for $8,600 at the JanieSmash Etsy Shop.

rolltop desk

small desk
hand carved office furniture
desk details
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