Hands-Off! Studio Ve Lithe Clock

Hands-Off!  Studio Ve Lithe Clock 9

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     1.(especially of a person’s body) thin, supple, and graceful.

So now that we know what the word “lithe” means, let’s learn about the concept… in time

Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger – Tel-Aviv based product designers – are the founders of Studio Ve and the minds behind the Lithe Clock, among other exceptional creations.  “Striving to make products that are simple and genuine, clean and inspiring, sincere and intriguing” is turning a motto into a reality.

(Parentheses: the and is in bold because of its relevance to the brand of this design duo.  The word Ve – as in Studio Ve – means and.  Shay ve Ben: Studio Ve)

The ceramic wall mounted Lithe Clock has hands longer than your arms but so thin, supple and graceful… and effectively off-the-clock with stunning dynamism!


Hands-Off!  Studio Ve Lithe Clock



The entrancing animated behavior of music wires gave birth to this idea.  This specialized type of wire made for use in piano strings is one of the most demanding of all applications of steel. Placed under high tension, it is subject to repeated blows, stretched and slackened during tuning and it’s still expected to last for decades.

Such tolerance can only result in outstanding performance.


Hands-Off!  Studio Ve Lithe Clock

You can chose from the different versions of hands to create your own perception of time in black, blue, green, red and 24 karat gold.  Free wall stickers (numbers and dots) are included for those who prefer an effortless way to understand what this delicate, minimalist clock is showing.


Hands-Off!  Studio Ve Lithe Clock


Though it begun as a start-up first announced on Kickstarter, looking to raise a grand total of $15,000 last December, this project was successfully funded on February 10, 2013 with 332 backers raising $30,955.  So ladies and gentleman, the Lithe Clock is now a reality and it’s currently available here for $123.

“Time is what clocks measure.”  – Albert Einstein

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once…” – John Wheeler

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