Hanging by a Thread: 10 Creative Coat Hooks

Video Game Joystick Coat Hanger by Felipe Morales

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There’s an old saying that goes, “Home is where you hang your hat,” meaning home is where and what you make of it.  Extend that definition to include coats, too, and the sentiment stays the same.  All transcendental passages aside, though, we’ve rounded up a series of creative coat hooks — some wall-mounted, some freestanding; some ultramodern and sleek, some upcycled from unexpected materials like skateboard wheels, vintage video game joysticks and chair backs.  All, though, serve as conversation pieces when welcoming guests into a home and ushering them out at the end of a visit, and all get the job done, hanging everyone’s coats and, ostensibly, making a house a home.

creative coat hooks
Video Game Joystick Coat Hanger by Felipe Morales


creative coat hangers
Abitudini Coat Hangers by Antonello Fusè


creative coat rack
Coat Hangers by Swedese


unique coat rack
Creative Coat Hanger by Pulpo Big Drip Lifestyle


cool coat tree
Creative Coat Hangers by Jade Barnes


key organizer
Hook Box by Luca Nichetto Design


cool coat racks
Organic Tree Coat Rack by Robert Bronwasser for Cascando


upcycled coat rack
Pipeworks Series Coat Hanger by Nick Fraser


unique coat tree
Shovel and Pitchfork Coat Hangers by David Olschewski


repurposed coat rack
Upcycled Skatboard Wheels Coat Hanger by Skate Study House