Hastens Organic Mattresses are a Natural Choice

In every product category there are those manufacturers that look at the price tag and ignore the numbers giving way to what may be the most incredible product, or simply the most expensive. Hastens has a serious passion for making the world’s best line of mattresses using meticulous construction and all organic materials. Hastens combines horse hair, cotton, flax, and wool in multiple layers supported by an incredible, sometimes multi-layer spring system. The Vividus, Hastens Organic Mattresses is a culmination of over 150 years of proven hand made techniques and only the finest materials resulting is a bed which lifts your body and provides support, while allowing you to sink deep down and relax. The Hastens collection ranges from 5 to 50 thousand dollars and the question, is a mattress worth that much money lays in the consumers hands. In a time when we spend so much time in traffic and stressing out at work we need to get the best rest possible. This is not a 5-8 year product like most of the standard inner spring mattresses , this is a 20 year plus product. I have spent some time on the 10-25 thousand range, and there is a definite sense of solid quality unlike anything I have ever experienced. The one thing I did foresee is the need to periodically fluff and reposition the matting that naturally flattens on the top layer, like you would do to a pillow. In most major cities there are specialty bedding shops displaying the Hastens line, and I encourage you to try them out for the sake of a good nights sleep. The line includes adjustable beds, in various sizes and degrees of firmness and a line of bedding accessories.


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