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Getsuen Diamond Chair by Masanori Umeda

Have a Seat: 6 Cool Modern Accent Chairs

There’s no real need to completely overhaul every couch, rug, window treatment and wall color in the name of changing the look of a room when a simple secondary piece of furniture, if chosen well, can do the trick on its own.  The entries in today’s roundup of accent chairs can bring the modernity of a living room up to speed, make a dining room a little cozier, and add function and form to a bedroom with too much blank space.  These chic seating options are inviting and eye-catching even when tucked into the corner; from mild to wild, today’s options are truly something to sink into.  These 6 cool modern accent chairs each have their own personality and can help you make the interior design statement that fits your persona.

plush black flower chair
Getsuen Diamond Chair by Masanori Umeda



white egg chair knockoff
The Andromeda Accent Chair by Zuo



frank gehry chairs
Wiggle Side Chair by Frank Gehry



artful green accent chair
Nuance Accent Chair by Casamania



modern patterned accent chair
The Celine Accent Chair by Home & Garden



union square chair
Union Square Accent Chair from Mercantila


Union Square chair found at Mercantila.

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