10 Height Adjustable Standing Desks that Improve Back Posture

Height adjustable standing desks are appearing more and more frequently in the workplace.  This last year I have seen four new ideas added to my floor alone where those office workers cast aside their traditional sitting models.   The signs are all around us that people need to move more.  Sitting for prolonged periods of time leads to compaction of the spine which can result in lower back pain in vertebrae L1-L4.  I had a chance to ask them why they made the switch.  What I heard back concerned the idea that bad posture was leading to pain and difficulties with the spine.  Of interest was one gentleman explaining that after the switch, he could only stand a few hours a day.  It took a full three weeks before he could be upright the entire day.  The other comment made, was that office chairs cause people to not use certain muscles which further exacerbates the situation.   Not many people use a backless chair, but if they did, it would require engagement of muscles the entire time.   There was one person that sat on an exercise ball and his experience was that it forced him to work his entire body to keep himself stable.  You can see that with that type of effort, the spine is all working in unison and likely properly aligned.

It’s nice to see it lower and raised up as in the above picture.  This is a good solution for a family or shared work space where one person still prefers to sit or if you do a combination of the two.

ergonomic standing desk with privacy wall

This one is great with the green backboard.  Now this is more than just a table as some of the models may appear.  You can see that things can be tacked onto the surface where there is a storage cup.   The privacy this one creates is good as well as sound can carry in an office environment.

Tables like these often fold in to create a narrower footprint in width.  Portability is a key here in looking at the castor wheels.   Once put away, there is a lot of floor space for other activities.

This pair of height adjustable standing desks were two of my favorites. I was drawn to the white color as it is clean and pure.   Note too the clever file cabinet with a seat cushion on top that can accommodate visitors.  This is another great example of ingenuity.

folding table serving as an office surface

This table can fold down quite a bit making it easy to tuck away when not in use.  Also, it is very light in weight so that most any adult can carry it.  The gel mat is great as standing on hard floor surfaces for periods of time can make the feet tender.

I personally think we will see lots of the tables in place of office desks in the near future, but as this concept gains in popularity there should be great modular prototypes created.  I would expect large firms that furnish buildings will adopt these as options for their customers.

height adjustable standing desk

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