Here Comes the Sun: 10 Backyard Hammocks

According to most, it’s officially summer beginning this weekend.  What better way to herald the arrival of the warmest part of the year than with a roundup of 10 backyard hammocks?  Even looking at them from afar causes the pulse to slow down by a beat or two… suspended in mid-air, their very shape and sway remind us that life is short and should be savored.  So, without further ado, we present today’s curation of relaxation.  Crack open a cold one and enjoy.

backyard hammocks

Joia Brazilian Hammock



backyard hammock

Grand Caribbean Nicaraguan Hammock w Spreader Bar & Fringe




Grand Caribbean Nicaraguan Hammock with Spreader Bar




Island Bay Brights Pillow Top Hammock with Cypress Hammock Arc Stand



patio hammocks

Island Bay Nautical Quilted Hammock with Steel Stand



patio hammock

Island Bay Quick-Dry Hammock with Shorea Wood Arc Stand



rope hammock

Original Cotton Rope Hammock from The Hammock Company



portable hammock

The Easy Traveller by Byer of Maine



modern hammock

The Parachute Traveller by Byer of Maine



Several elements in this series found at