Here Comes the Sun: 10 Chic Patio Umbrellas

Summer’s not exactly looming upon us, but with six weeks left of winter plus spring in between, we’re California dreaming for long, languid afternoons of cocktails by the pool.  Today’s roundup of chic patio umbrellas only furthers the fantasy with updated, unfussy shade sails replacing the bulky rounded umbrellas of summers past.  We’ve included a few tailored classics just for fun, but the ones we find most interesting are the Coolaroo shade sails, the Shade 35 from Landscape Forms and the Tuuco Manta from modernist favorite Design Within Reach; all three are just beckoning us to stretch out underneath them and order a mojito.  And frankly, given the choice of sitting in a fluorescent-lit office or in the center of any of the other seven elements in today’s collection, we’d take the latter in a heartbeat.

Here Comes the Sun: 10 Chic Patio Umbrellas



modern patio sun shades



modern backyard umbrella



DWR patio umbrella



swirl patio umbrella



lighted patio umbrella



simple modern patio umbrella




Italian patio umbrella



pool umbrellas




lime green patio umbrella


Tuuci Manta found at Design Within Reach.