Highlight Furniture with Accessories

Acessories Highlight Furniture
When setting out to decorate a living environment so many things come to mind, especially the large things like furniture, color schemes, and flooring. Of coarse if you are like me you want to make a great statement and reveal your personality without breaking the bank. I personally like a modern theme with a minimalist approach for a less cluttered and very clean look. There are a few things that you will need to do from the beginning to ensure your home turns out the way you have envisioned it. One area you must factor into your budget is accessories. Accessorizing your home can be as detailed as you want it from specialty flooring, window treatments, to a designer ceiling fan. With all of the options available I would let the professionals at some of the credible publications give you some basic concept ideas to establish an overall theme. You can use Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, or Better Homes and Gardens to get some great visuals. Accessories really make a room and the furniture in it come to life. There is nothing more boring than a plain blank wall. Put a great looking picture or mirror on it and see what happens. I can speak from personal experience. In addition to managing a retail facility where detail is very important, I purchased a home two years ago and really brought my place to life with some really great colors and shapes. I had a bathroom for example and for very little money I changed the shower curtain, the rod, pull knobs, towel holder, added tile and some small pictures to make a striking look. I later faux painted and was done for around $500.
Introduce yourself to the many ways to change the look of your room with ease. I am a big believer in the basics like area rugs, and mood lighting for good ambiance. It is very important to choose the correct scale of the accessories and to not over do it, rather compliment you furniture and create focal points with some color and shape. What looks great to you will be obvious when you see the right thing, so don’t jump at something that doesn’t speak to you. Accessories can be as functional as they are decorative and very revealing of your style and personality.