HiLo Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk / Computer Work Station

HiLo Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk / Computer Work Station 9

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If you are going to spend time diligently productive at your computer work station, make it work for you as well. The HiLo fully automotive height adjusting computer desk is part of the new wave that is taking office furniture into the frontier of reducing RSI and poor posture related injuries. The HiLo work station comes in two very stylish shapes that have a height adjustable integrated keyboard making it suitable for people of varying sizes. The monitor stand can stand alone or can combine with this work station and is also height adjustable removing the hassles of self correction to locate zero posture stress. Even the chair differs from the ordinary work station chair in that there is a 15 degree wedging of high density memory foam within the tapered section to the front of the chair. The objective of this is to help maintain the Low Back Lordotic Curvature. An added feature includes a semi-circle recess removed from the back to help reduce the stress of prolonged sitting on the Coccyxs and indirectly on the spine.

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