10 Home Designs Using Aquariums as Main Accent Pieces

I was recently looking for home designs using aquariums on various interior design sites for ideas on a project. There were many examples that showed just a freestanding unit on a countertop as opposed to a more thought out plan. One trend I saw that was really neat was incorporating glass tanks into a wall.   It was interesting seeing suggestions in kitchen and living rooms though that concept could work anywhere. That is how I got inspired to put this article together and share these ten ideas with our readers.   Let’s do consider the challenges though in cleaning and maintenance. Caring for fish does take effort and should be part of the decision making process. Also, having a way to get to the tanks is very important as well.   Enough of the downside though, let’s take a look at our finds in how these main accent pieces were incorporated into a decorating motif.

This idea is just spectacular!   I love the way the kitchen island has been transformed into a living and breathing ecosphere.   How fun would it be to have a snack or beverage while sitting on these barstools and enjoying the scenery out the window or below.

I guess this person must love to work.   I mean look at this very unique desk.  Perhaps it has a calming effect much like how the ocean or a tranquility pond can do for some people.  It is very eye catching for sure.

The first thought that came to mind was Sea World or other places where you walk beneath and enjoy the fish above.   This setup must be quite costly though as I foresee a custom building process that would be required to create the curve in the glass and then put the entire bedroom suite together.

in wall aquarium in foyer of home

As mentioned earlier, the use of walls is a wonderful suggestion for a home.  This example does a great job of showing what it could look like in your home.   The picture above shows a gorgeous aquarium that was planned and well thought out.  I see how guests would really enjoy this as the enter the foyer and then proceed further into the home.

I was first drawn to the great range in the above image.  That six burner model looks to be a dream for want to be chefs and home cooks.  How about the tastefully done tank in the wall?  That is a great accent piece that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  While waiting for dishes to be heated on the stove, one could gaze at the swimming fish.

home designs using aquariums as accent pieces

These are obviously marine enthusiasts that also enjoy music by looking at the grand piano.  This larger scale example makes the room and was the homeowner’s choice over a large painting.

fish tank suspended from ceiling in kitchen

This idea surprised me quite a bit.  Suspending from the ceiling is a clever design.  My only concern here would be if it obstructs the view to the rest of the home.  Taller people may have to duck to look beyond the bar area.

aquarium kitchen island inside modern house

And yet we see another island example that is quite sizable.  Some very large fish could inhabit this space.  I do wonder where the hatch is that you can get access for cleaning and maintenance.

Here is another in wall example that separates the kitchen from the living area.  This living space looks to be a bit smaller than others in the article so for our readers in lofts and apartments, a design similar to this can work for you.

This home is interesting in how much space has been dedicated to this decorating theme.  I do like the wine storage just off to the right of the larger model.   It is interesting to see how this home came together.  I would like to walk through the rest of it to get a better understanding of the overall floor plan.

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10 Home Designs Using Aquariums as Main Accent Pieces
I was recently looking for home designs using aquariums on various interior design sites for ideas on a project. There were many examples that showed just