Modular Office Furniture That Fits by Fitting of Italy

The Fitting project was Italy’s first modular furniture company founded in 1960 thanks to the great ideas and design of Ampelio Piorrato. Today things are very much the same with outstanding modular shelving and wall mounted storage perfect for office furniture or residential use. The collection includes contemporary items composed of innovative materials that fit their motto, “hi-tech and tradition perfectly combined”. The concept of “fittings” is what the systems are based on and allows the user to make an infinite number of configurations with the joints or fittings as they are called. The systems are great for any application from entertainment wall to storage units, and even beds. I personally like the versatility of the fitting collection as well as the modern look of the structure. Shown here is the Fitting Gold X2 storage unit in anodized black aluminum with gold leaf doors, “limited for many but not for all”.