Hot Colors Enhance Furniture

Faux Painting Hot Interior Colors.jpg
When setting out to enhance your home decor it would stand to reason that the right color scheme would be a great place to start planning. Of course you can reveal your personality as well as make a statement you will want to come home to every day. For me there is nothing more appealing than some really pleasing, yet soft earth tones to smooth out the look of an environment.

Optimistic and fresh, a lighter color selection can make the room look larger and even brighten the way you feel. A few of the really popular colors that are currently being used are sage green, pumpkin, wheat, and light saffron yellow. In a sharp contrast to the wood paneling of yesteryear these colors will add a clean contrast to almost any type of furniture. Faux painting is another way to blend combinations of several tones to create a textured and multi toned look with some depth. With this type of application various finishes such as a stone or brick, even a Mediterranean appearance can be achieved.
Change the regular post into a beautiful stone like column. Remember to compliment your furniture and bring out some contrast. Light walls with richer furniture will really set off the appearance and show more depth. There are many design publications to offer good advice and examples such as Dwell, and Architectural Digest so use these as proven tools to take out some of the guess work. I do suggest leaving the ceiling an even lighter color than the rest of the walls for additional contrast, especially in smaller rooms. Hot colors will always change so updating every so often is a great way to freshen up your look with out spending a lot of money.