planters exterior home
planters exterior home

How to Beautify your Exterior Home with Planters

How to Beautify your Exterior Home with Planters

The warmer seasons are finally here and beautifying your exterior home is on everyone’s minds. Since it is the season for the plants and flowers, let’s use this theme for the design of your exterior home. One great way to add that pep of spring and freshness is by using plant pots. They carry the elements of a garden without the hassle from the work. So here are a few ways that these items can enhance your exterior home.
Beautify your Exterior Home with Planters

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Create a welcoming entrance with planters:

You can set your pots around your porch, walkways, even on the sides of the front face of your garage, to be the first greeting to those who first glance at your home. They can help to set an inviting tone to the atmosphere. You can choose to have plant bowls that have just leafy greens or planters with mixtures of flowers either one will do just fine. Trees planted with decorative pots can enhance a walkway or around a pool or patio beautifully.


outdoor tree planters

Image via: Bruce Clodfelter and Associates


Separate them in specific locations

They can be grouped together, or placed in strategic areas of your outdoor home. Many people love for the planters to become a focal point in themselves. Perhaps you prefer a more subtle approach. In that case place planter pieces around the exterior in certain specific locations, like area pots near the front door or flower boxes on the window sill. That way you can still have the spectacular display of a miniature garden, yet in few spurts.


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Use planters at varying heights

Hang your bowls in the air. Just like with regular potted plants, take some of your planters and group them together or space them apart and hang them to the ceiling. Or add some light to the subject. That’s right, take some of your planter and add lights to them. Not only do you create a beautiful sight but an additional light fixture.

These are impressive accessories that can brighten up any home. With all of the excitement of the spring you want to make sure that the exteriors are getting shown as much love as the interiors. Sometime it can be a challenge trying to liven up the exteriors without being overwhelming, a flower pot will do just the trick to add some charm to your exteriors. Whether you are planting a small container garden or you want them to be the focal point of your exterior, use these ideas to enhance your outdoor home.

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