Human Furniture Photography Exhibit by David Blazquez


Looking for all things furniture related, I stumbled upon this photography exhibit called “human furniture” by David Blazquez. This exhibition is on display at El Fotomata in Sevilla, Spain. In the series of photographs David challenges us with the nude form of the human body posing as inanimate objects. The naked form itself is perhaps most startling and its message that it sends. One consideration by the artist is that if humans were inanimate objects capable of being still as opposed to our boisterous demeanor. Is that even possible? Another dimension is the way you can feel like you are “being watched” even in a room by yourself. Does that mean that we can be watched by objects such as a table or ironing board? Can our minds project an element of humanism in inanimate objects? The concept of humans as furniture is itself startling. It is not our intent to upset readers here at Furniture Fashion. Yet at the same time if we see something different, we should break the story to readers. More information on the exhibit can be found at El Fotomata.

Human Furniture Photography Exhibit by David Blazquez
Human Furniture


Art Exhibit
Human Lamp
Ironing Board