i24R3Portable Waterproof / Wireless Speaker System from EOps

British designer Michael Young conspired with EOps and My studio to create the i24R3 Portable wireless speaker system that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its waterproof construction. After realizing the conventional waterproof speakers were not as quality oriented or up to the job of good sound production, Young set out to create a serious portable waterproof speaker. The result is the i24R3 family which can be used with the tube stand or wall mounted and features Bluetooth and iPhone compatibility. Each speaker features 2 x 2.6 inch speakers and 1 4.5 inch passive radiator as well as audio signal processor and 10 watt class D amplifier and can be powered by either AC power or built in Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery. Available 2010 Visit epostech.com for more of their innovative home products.

waterproof portable speakers i24r3 eops
epos waterproof portable speaker systems
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