A Stressless Recliner Experience by Ekornes

ekornes stressless leather recliner and ottoman.jpg
I have been closely involved in the retail furniture market from sales and buying, to management for the past 20 plus years. With that having been said, there is very little I have not seen on the merchandise side of the business. From the cheapest to the highest of quality products, it is true, you get what you pay for. As the one man complaint department I am overjoyed when a particular product has historically proven it’s self as a trouble free experience for our customers. The Ekornes Stressless line from Norway is exactly that. Ekornes has produced the best leather recliners and living / media room furniture since 1972. The company has managed to fight off cutting corners to compete with the entire field of look a like cheaper copies, and there are many. In a vain attempt some companies have even tried to adopt the features that have made this chair legendary only to miss by a long shot. Meanwhile the Stressless line continues to evolve into a very ergonomic and stylish collection with comfort as the paramount goal.
The Stressless line has features that are way beyond the competition and it will be evident as soon as you take a seat. First of all, we’re all different sizes and Ekornes makes their models in 2 and even 3 sizes to accommodate various height and width. Some of the features include a separate and active foot rest, active lumbar support, self adjusting headrest, and the new sleep mode which allows an almost flat position. I am most impressed with the quality components that make up the epoxy coated steel frame and how it smoothly adjusts to any position with very little effort. Surrounding their frame is cold cured foam which is injected into molds and takes the shape of the chair. In the curing process the foam develops a hearty shell that is most resilient creating a substantial base. This is then covered with several layers of less dense foam and padding to allow for a most conforming feel. Topped off with a fully surrounding top grain leather and external steam bent laminated beech wood frame, the chairs look as good as it feels. As an owner of two I can testify on a personal level, it is truly a stressless experience.