Ikea Pillows Helping Women and Children in India

This story came from the Dallas Morning News and relate to these pillows being available at a store in Frisco, Texas. You may want to check your local Ikea store or their website if you want to help out these women and children. These cushions don’t just serve style, but also Indian children and women in need
Handmade Grindtorp all-wool cushion covers are $14.99 at Ikea. If Ikea’s affordably attractive products aren’t motivation enough to swallow the Frisco commute, the company’s hand-embroidered Grindtorp cushions should be. The Swedish retailer and UNICEF designed four fair-trade pillows to benefit children and women in Uttar Pradesh, a poverty-stricken state in India.

Ikea Pillow 1

Pillow Ikea

There are no charitable company donations. Instead, the organizations train thousands of women to produce and sell their handmade wool pillows. This is meant to stimulate financial independence. The program also has a zero-child-labor policy in place that encourages the women to put their children – an estimated 75,000 – in school. Each cushion is $14.99 at Ikea in Frisco, 7171 Ikea Drive. Inserts are not included but are available for $5.99 a pop at the store.