Il Pezzo 1 Sideboard by Il Pezzo Mancante Sits on Brass All Day Long

The Il Pezzo 1 is a sideboard created by an Italian furniture company called Il Pezzo Mancante. What’s so special about this particular sideboard? Well take a look for yourself at those brass-made legs. We have various leg shapes down there, and they would surprise anyone looking at the Il Pezzo 1 since each one has its own unique personality. Moving past those unusual sideboard legs we find solid wood used to built this furniture item and marble, that acts as the top of the Il Pezzo 1. In other words, everything you’d want and then some from a modern, and dare I say somewhat luxurious sideboard. And in case you’re wondering, the Pezzo 1 collection has other items that would play nice with the sideboard, from a visual point of view, of course.