Illumination Everywhere: 10 Awe-Inspiring Floor Lamps

Once in a while, we feel the need to look at things through a different shade of glasses… to change things up simply by casting a new light on them.  From a literal perspective, the easiest way to do that in terms of the way we see our own homes is to, quite literally, change the lighting.  Today’s roundup of awe-inspiring floor lamps run the gamut from playful, brightly-colored LED concoctions to stark and serious naturalist works of wonder — but all of them infuse a little added character into a space while providing some extra illumination. Let there be light!

floor lamps

Colorful LED Floor Lights by Giancarlo Zema


floor lamp

Bespoke Punctuation Lights by Tabisso


floor lights

The Sheaf Lamp from Room Design Guide


floor light

Wood Lamp Series by Johan Lindstén


floor lighting

Floor Lamps by Pallucco


unique floor lamp

Iris Light by Alex MacMaster


unique floor lamps

Open-&-Close Bloom Lamp by Patrick Jouin


wooden floor lamps

Pinch + Splay Lamps from Koo Yong Design


silver arch lamp

Raduga Lamp by Cattelan Italia


tall arc light

Tusk Arc Light by NOVA



Colorful LED lamps found at Giancarlo Zema.