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In Pieces: An Inventive Modular Table by Min | Day

We’ve always been fans of multi-purpose furniture and accessories, but today’s entry most definitely takes the cake when it comes to versatility.  The “Stones” inventive modular table fashioned by Min | Day, an architectural practice formed by E.B. Min and Jeffrey L. Day, is comprised of six uneven pieces that come together to form a coffee table and break apart into a seemingly endless array of stands, end tables and stools.  Blending a precise mathematical algorithm — namely, the Voronoi tessellation — with organic form, the piece is a three-dimensional work of art and series of home accessories at the same time.  Composed of CNC-cut sheets of Baltic birch, the table’s pieces are each laminated horizontally with plywood edges left exposed for effect.  Its natural finish contrasts well with bold, bright primary and secondary colors, lending an oddly-pleasing sense of both chaos and order at the same time through its precarious-looking relationship to its own pieces.  One could say that, like many lovely and highly functional things, it’s truly greater than the sum of its parts.  The table is available for purchase through the Min | Day website.


An Inventive Modular Table by Min


modular birch table


modular coffee table


break away coffee table


Photo credits: Min | Day

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