In Search of Bliss: 10 Sublime Soaking Tubs

There’s nothing quite like a long soak in a warm bath after a particularly rough day.  Japanese ofuro soaking tubs were created for the specific purpose of spiritual and mental healing, sans soap, as opposed to physical cleansing; somehow over the past few centuries, we’ve managed to blend all the benefits together to cleanse ourselves both on the outside and in a psychological sense.

While those of us with walk-in showers have to book a spa appointment or hotel stay in order to enjoy the bliss of a good old-fashioned bath, there are plenty of interior designers and tubumakers alike ready to stand in line for the opportunity to outfit our homes with these grand bastions of luxury.  And since we’re not much for arguments, maybe we’ll just let them have their way.

soaking tubs

Asian-Inspired Bathroom via Desire to Inspire



soaking tub

Crisp Green & White Bedroom from Shelterness



soaking bath tubs

Indoor-Outdoor Bathroom from Architectural Digest



ofuro tub

Ofuro Tub from Fantasia Showrooms



freestanding bath tub

Stone Wall Bathroom via House of Turquoise



metal ofuro tub

The Hammacher Schlemmer Ofuro Tub



metal japanese tub

Modern Japanese Bathtub by Diamond Spas



rectangular ofuro tub

Japanese Ofuro Tub by RH Tubs



blond wood soaking tub

Japanese Soaking Tub by Rapsel




traditional japanese tub

Traditional Japanese Tub by Matteo Thun


Metal tub found at Hammacher Schlemmer.